Mr. Anderson is an experienced arbitrator and mediator who can help you resolve your dispute without the cost and delay of going through today's court system. Mr. Anderson is a registered arbitrator with the Deschutes County Circuit Courts, the Arbitration Service of Portland, and the Oregon State Bar. He has served as arbitrator in more than 50 cases over the last ten years.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding procedure. It is essentially a settlement conference, with no obligation to reach a resolution. A good mediator will listen to each side and help guide the parties to a middle ground.

Arbitration can be voluntary or involuntary and is a binding procedure. Many private contracts include "arbitration provisions," which require arbitration of a dispute, either as a condition before filing a lawsuit or as a final resolution. In Deschutes County, cases seeking $50,000.00 or less are required to go through arbitration. An arbitration is like a mini-trial, with the arbitrator (sometimes a panel of three arbitrators) making a final decision.

The benefits of mediation and arbitration include privacy and an expedited resolution. In the event of private arbitration or mediation, there is no need to file a lawsuit and no publication of the case caption in the local newspaper. A good arbitrator can tailor the procedure to fit the parties' specific needs. A prompt, final arbitration decision can allow the parties to return to their normal, productive lives.